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ABB switches

ABB switches: the entire offering with groups

ABB switches are broken down into twelve groups with hundreds of models. ABB separates its switches according to the method of control, either manual or motorized operation. Also, ABB switches can be defined by the application area and principle of operation. The entire offering from the company looks like this:

  • Switch-disconnectors with manual operation;
  • Switch-disconnectors with motor operation;
  • Switch fuses with manual operation;
  • Switch fuses with motorized operation;
  • Changeover switches (manual operation);
  • Changeover switches (motor operation);
  • Automatic-transfer switches;
  • Direct current switch-disconnectors;
  • Manual bypass switches;
  • Motorized bypass switches;
  • Rotary cam switches;
  • Fuse links.

All of the switches made by the Swiss manufacturer have many common features. Below you can see some of these mutual specifications:

  • Modular construction;
  • Low-to-high ingress protection levels;
  • Support for either direct or alternate current installations;
  • Support for low-to-high currents and voltages;
  • Support for a great quantity of components;
  • Support for different mounting options (screw-mounting or snap-on; installation on the door, base, or DIN-rail);
  • Support for installation into enclosures or in the open air;
  • Support for a great number of poles;
  • High mechanical endurance;
  • Motorized operation or manual operation with the help of a handle;
  • Conformity with a many international and national industrial standards, such as IEC and UL/CSA.

Other details on ABB switches should be learnt depending on a specific model.

What is a switch?

A switch is an electrical component that is connected directly to the electrical circuit to control the workflow of it. A switch is able to interrupt the current or divert it from one conductor to another. Usually, a switch is handled by an operator or by another device. A switch protects electrical appliances from an overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, and other problems that might occur in the electrical circuit.

ABB switch models: Details and specifications

The ABB switch-disconnector OETL3150K3. ABB switch-disconnectorThis is a manually operated switch-disconnector that can be used in power distribution industry, PV installations, and others. This switch-disconnector from ABB is supplied with a black extended handle with IP54. The devices weighs a lot – 37kg net. ABB added three poles to the switch. The device is able to handle 3,150A at maximal temperature at 40°C.

Price: £3,049.53* (excl. tax).

The ABB switch fuse OS125GF22N1P. The switch is as heavy as two kilograms. The standard package includes a handle, shaft, and a terminal-bolt kit. The handle is featured with IP65 level. This switch fuse incorporates four poles. The supported alternating current reaches 125A at 690V. Applicable standard is IEC.

The ABB changeover switch OTM1000E4CM230C. ABB changeover switchABB presents an expensive, heavy, and very powerful changeover switch with motorized operation. This switch weighs around 66kg. The acceptable current value is 1,000A along with rated voltage reaching 1,000V. The device, just like the previous switch fuse, also has four poles.

Price: £6,694.13 (excl. tax).

The ABB automatic transfer switch OTM200E4C2D230C. ABB automatic transfer switchThis one is actuated by a motor. The net weight of the switch totals 11 kilograms. The device is supposed to work with up to 40°C environment temperature. In the matter of voltage and amperage, this ABB automatic transfer switch handles 200A at 1,000V. If you look at the picture, you will notice four blocks of contacts. This means that the device also have four poles.

Price: £2,906.42 (excl. tax).

The ABB bypass switch OT315E03YP. ABB bypass switchThis is a three pole bypass switch. With it, you will be able to manage currents up to 315A in the circuit. Apropos the possible applied voltage, this ABB bypass switch will accept up to 1,000V. Sheer weight of the device equals 10.1kg. As usual with any other ABB manually operated switches, this one is also equipped with a handle protected by an IP65 standard.

Price: £875.48 (excl. tax).

The ABB rotary cam switch OC10G04PNBN00NST41. ABB rotary cam switchThis is a four-contacts snap-on switch with a black plastic handle. The switch is much lighter than all the previous models – 50 grammes only. Still, the device is strong enough to work with the 10A current and 500V. ABB included a single pole only for this rotary cam switch. It should be mounted directly onto the door.

The ABB HRC fuse link OFAA1H160. ABB HRC fuse linkThis is another lightweight device from ABB with mounting on a DIN-rail. Rated current and voltage values are 160A and 690V respectively. This HRC fuse link weighs only half a kilogram.

Price: £42.34 (excl. tax).

Summary on ABB switches

We have presented several models of ABB switches only, but this should be enough for you to see what exactly the company can offer. The choice of the devices is very good, so as the great number of accessories. All this will let you handle and use an ABB switch at its maximal capabilities.

*prices are correct for the British market according to the website Hardware.eu


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