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ABB cable accessories

ABB cable accessories

ABB cable accessories carry out a substantial part of job, if not the main, in any electrical system. Electrical appliances and machinery must be connected reliably to form an integral unit – this can be achieved only with sound cable accessories. ABB makes four of them (not to mention multiple component parts), including cable joints, connectors, terminations, and cabinets. The company also breaks all the components into three categories relating to the voltage values, which such a cable component can tolerate. Hence, the assortment of ABB cable accessories is very simple to comprehend: there are low-voltage, medium-voltage, and high-voltage accessories. Not every type of cable connection or protection element suit the three types of installations. Here is the selection of ABB cable accessories:

  • High-voltage (HV) accessories.
  1. Cable joints;
  2. Cable terminations.
  • Medium-voltage (MV) cable accessories.
  1. Cable joints;
  2. Cable terminations;
  3. Cable connectors;
  4. Cable cabinets.
  • Low-voltage (LV)
  1. Cable accessories.
  2. Cable joints;
  3. Cable terminations;
  4. Cable connectors.

As you can see, ABB cable accessories for medium-voltage applications represent the most comprehensive set. Each type of cable accessories exists in multiple models. In all fairness, these models are slightly different one from another. Now let’s learn more about ABB cable accessories.

You may be curious about the next information too:

ABB cable joints

We have indicated in our list that ABB makes cable joints for an electrical installation with any voltage levels (within the range less than 1kV and up to 420kV). There are 12 models of ABB cable joints. Four of them are tailored for LV applications. Another six models serve MV installations. The last two cable joints represent items for HV cables.

  • The SAGA Y cable joint from ABB (low-voltage application).

Such a cable joint uses a transparent casting mold. The cables do not touch the mold thanks the flexible rings, used to seal the connection part. The sealing bag is filled with the cast resin and special hardener. The joint can be put under water at 10 meter depth. The conductor cross section of both main and branch cables cannot exceed 5cm2. When installing the SAGA Y cable joint, make sure that the outdoor temperature is higher than subzero.

  • The SMTA/SMTPA cable joint from ABB (medium-voltage application).

The SMTA or SMTPA joint support voltages up to 52kV. The construction of this joint is more advanced than one of the SAGA Y. This time, ABB created a steel tube and covered it with plastic. The sealing is ensured by spring-loaded gaskets that sit between the cable and the joint. The insulation is made of crepe paper tape and oil. Again, it is better to install the SMTA joint at temperatures higher than 10°C. You will not have to additionally heat up the connection in this case.

  • The SMPGB/SMPGB-C cable joint for a high-voltage installation.

ABB designs these cable joints for aluminium or copper conductors with voltages up to 420kV. ABB changes the construction one more time. The SMPGB cable joint is a premolded tube made of rubber. A copper casing protects the inners from the outer influence. The other parts of the joint are rubber adapters and a bolt connector.

ABB cable terminations

ABB cable terminations are produced for low-to-high voltage applications. There are 16 groups of cable terminations produced by ABB. The low-voltage group is presented by LPH and LXAC terminations. The medium-voltage series, again, is the largest with eight cable terminations. The series of high-voltage cable terminations counts six items.

  • The LXAC cable termination from ABB for a low-voltage application.

This termination is more advanced than the LPH. Its protective hood is made of impact-resistant plastic. ABB offers special bush for the termination. You only need to bend cables down and pass them through the individual grooves. Such a part (the bush) is not available on the LPH termination. ABB has another supplementary item – the insulation hose. It is necessary when you want to shield the cables from the ultraviolet radiation.

  • The SOT cable terminations from ABB for cables.

These items can tolerate currents with 12 up to 36 kilovolts. The SOT termination can accommodate one- or three-core cables made of either copper or aluminium. ABB has three separate types of SOT cable terminations. One is used with one-/three-core cables without screening. The other two are adapted for single-core and three-core cables with copper screening. The termination can be used on the outside if necessary. Silicone rubber plus incorporated field control form the SOT cable termination.

  • The APEGA plug-in cable terminations from ABB for industrial usage.

The voltage of the appliances cannot exceed 84-420kV for an APEGA termination. ABB designates the termination for usage in switchgears or transformers. The connection must be fixed and stable at 30° inclination at most. The APEGA termination construction is certainly the most complex in comparison to all others. The termination consists of the next parts: fitting on the top, cable clamp, body, stress cone, pressure ring, external insulator (epoxy), and internal synthetic oil used for insulation as well. ABB has some supplementary tool for installation, such as pliers.

ABB cable connectors

ABB cable connectors are represented by only five items in LV and MV cable accessories’ groups. Unfortunately, ABB has not a single cable connector for a high-voltage application. The choice is still pretty good. Two series of ABB cable connectors fit low-voltage cables, and the other three belong to the medium-voltage items.

  • The AK-ADAS cable connectors from ABB (low-voltage applications).

The group is pretty big and counts seven variants of cable connectors. The difference amongst them lies in the acceptable conductor cross section diameter. The AK-ADAS cable connector variants weigh 0.2 up to 1kg per single kit. Yet, every connector has the same length of 70cm. The connector can be used with aluminium cable only in the cable distribution cabinet.

  • The CSE-A cable connector for medium-voltage applications.

The CSE-A connector is premolded and screened. It has two conductive layers and an insulation layer in-between them. If you are going to connect a three-core cable with such a connector, ABB offers a separation kit or a branch-seal kit. The ABB medium-voltage connectors are heavy. The lightest unit is 2.2kg heavy. The CSE-A connectors can handle cables with 12 up to 24 kilovolts and 250A.

ABB cable cabinets

As we have already indicated earlier, the company has cabinets for only MV cables. For some reason, ABB doesn’t include the cable cabinets into its enclosures series of products. The cable cabinets are available in five options with 12 up to 36 kV of supported voltages. The two ABB cable cabinets with supported rated currents up to 250A have only one modification. The other three cabinets are more diverse. You have a choice of cabinets for 12, 24, or 36kV cables with 630A currents. Each cabinet has three additional modifications. Therefore, the assortment consists of 11 items. ABB makes another seven items for cabinets, including insulating hoods, adapters, screen separation kits, insulating plugs, etc.

The bottom line

ABB definitely impresses us with its cable accessories. On one hand, there are plenty of components for low-to-medium and high-voltage installations. On the other hand, ABB reduces the choice of connectors for no reason. The cabinets for cables can be used for a medium-voltage application only. Still, this is not a very huge issue. As for “where to buy ABB cable accessories”, you can try many websites for that.


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